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College of Arts and Science

Conservatory of Music
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Double-Degree Program
Registrars Office

Arts and Sciences
 Conservatory of Music


Private Applied Studies


Classroom Applied Studies and Ensembles

Music Education


Music History (see Musicology)

Conservatory Studies


Contemporary Music

Music Literature

Enthnomusicology (see Musicology)

Music Theory

Historical Performance Program

Opera Theater

Jazz Studies

Technology in Music & Related Arts (TIMARA)

Course Requirements and Recommended Class Distribution

Undergraduate Programs: Performance Diploma

Undergraduate Programs: Bachelor of Music

Division of Conducting & Ensembles

Division of Contemporary Music
Composition Department
Jazz Studies Department
TIMARA Department

Division of Music Theory

Division of Musicology

Historical Performance Program

Division of Music Education

Division of Keyboard Studies
Organ Department
Piano Department

Division of Strings

Division of Vocal Studies

Division of Winds, Brass, and Percussion
Woodwind Department
Brass Department
Percussion Department

Graduate Program

General Information

Music Education

Conducting Opera Theater Department
Historical Performance Artist Diploma
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