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Oberlin College 2004-2005 Course Catalog
General Information
Admission, Degree programs, Facilities, Student Record Information, Expenses, Financial Aid, Academic Life, Academic Status, and Student Life.

College of Arts and Sciences
Courses, General guidelines, Degree programs, Graduation Requirements, Major and Minor Study, Advising, Academic Standing, Grading, Transfer of Credit, and other Miscellaneous Information.

Conservatory of Music
Courses, General Guidelines, Facilities, Instrument Collection, Degrees, Requirements for Graduation, Advising, Academic Standing, Enrollment, Grading, Major and Minor Study, Transfer of Credit, Advanced Credit, Concerts & Recitals, Summer Programs and Miscellaneous Information.

Double-Degree Program
General Educational Guidelines, Degree Programs, Major Study, Advising, Academic Standing, and Grading.

(Note: This catalog is accurate as of April 5, 2004)
Subsequent Changes to Course Catalog & Class Schedules

Spring 2005
Updates to the Spring 2005 Oberlin College Catalog
Spring 2005 Schedule of Classes

Fall 2004
Updates to the Fall 2004 Oberlin College Catalog
Fall 2004 Schedule of Classes
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