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Mud in Yer Eye plays at the Lakewood Contra Dance on the first Saturday of each month and is also available to play for dances or other occasions in the greater Cleveland area.

  • First Saturday Dance: Lakewood Masonic Temple 15300 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH $8.00 individual admission, $20 for a family. Caller Carol Kopp. Note: Dance is held every month but August.
    • Teaching is at 7. Dance is from 8-11.

See our Schedule for Other Upcoming Dances and Gigs

What is a contra dance? Contra dance is a form of traditional dance closely related to English Country or square dancing in which couples typically dance in two facing lines of indefinite length. They are particularly popular in the United States. Our dances typically combine traditional contras (like the Virginia Reel) with a other round or square dances with a finishing waltz. The rambunctious dancing you may have seen in the most recent Pride and Prejudice film is very similar to what you might see at a contra dance. If you've never been, you can also watch a live contradance on YouTube.

Contras in the US are typically danced to 'old-timey' music from the Celtic, Scottish, Appalachian, or Bluegrass traditions, although you'll hear us drop in a Slavic tune now and again.


Contras are welcoming! One of the many nice things about contra dances is that they are so welcoming. Many people come without partners and find plenty of folks to dance with. If you've never danced before, you can learn the basic moves during the teaching session before the dance starts, but every dance is taught before it is called. You may also found that all those square dance moves you learned in gym come back really quickly, thought with slightly different names. Besides, contra dancers are among the friendliest folk in the world and, if you look lost, you'll find them gently nudging you to the right place until you are where you belong. We have had dancers as young as 7 dancing along with seniors with many years' experience.


What should I wear? There is nothing special to wear except soft-soled shoes or sneakers. Come as you are and have fun.