A Guide to the Ethnomusicology LP Collection
in the Oberlin College Conservatory Library






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Note: All call numbers begin with LP or SLP 781. followed by the numbers shown.

Some LPs have the jacket notes bound separately, with the same call number.
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Call Number


Company Number

732 A3 S6

Sounds From Silence: Ancient Near Eastern Mus

BTNK 101

736.4 I3 L8

Lutunn noz: Celtic guitar music

MHS 3577

74 I3 Z1

La Zampogna in Europa (Bagpipe Music)

Albatros VPA 8148

741 A3 L3

Land of Light: Tannahill Weavers

SIF 1067

741 I3 H5

Highland Bagpipes

TR 2114

741 13 R4

Renaissance of the Celtic Harp

Rounder 3067

741 I3 S4

The Scottish Bagpipe & "The Edinburgh military tattoo"

MHS 3637

741 V3 C1

Caledonia: The Macpherson Singers And Dancers of Scotland

HS 72006

741 V3 F4

Festival at Blairgowrie

Topic 12T181

741 V3 H4

Heather & Glen: Folk songs and folk music from Aberdeenshire and Hebrides

TR 1047

741 V3 L6

Lowlands (Jean Redpath & Abby Newton)

PH 1066

12701, v. 1

History of Scottish Music

MHS 3831

741 V3 M9

The Muckle Sangs: Classic Scotts Ballads

TNGM 119/D

741.1 I3 B1

Bagpipes and Drums

AFSD 5857

741.1 I3 H5

Highland Bagpipes

TLP 2099

741.1 I3 Sc9

Scottish Bagpipe Music

FW 8814

741.1 V3 T7

The Travelling Stewarts

Topic 12T179

741.11 I3 Sh59

Shetland Fiddle Music

TNGM 117

741.16 S3 G1

Gaelic Psalms from Lewis

TNGM 120

741.17 A3 M9

Musique Celtique: Gaelic Music from Scotland

OCR 45

741.17 V3 M9

Music from the Western Isles

TNGM 110

741.17 V3 So58

Songs and Pipes of the Hebrides

FE 4430

741.2 V3 B1

Back O'Benachie: Songs and ballads from lowland east

Topic 12T180

741.2 V3 B6

Bothy Ballads: Music from the North-East

TNGM 109

741.21 V3 W3

Walking Songs from Barra

TNGM 111

741.25 V3 G8

Great Traditional Singers: Jeannie Robertson

Topic 12T96

741.25 V3 N8

Norman Kennedy


741.25 V3 P9

Princess of the Thistle: Lizzie Higgins

Topic 12T185

741.25 V3 SI6

The Singing Campbells

Topic 12T120

741.33 V3 F8

Frae my ain Coutrie: Jean Redpath

FSS 49

741.4 V3 Sh5

The Shepherd's Song: Border Ballads

Topic 12T183




741.5 A3 B6

The Bonny Bunch of Roses


741.5 A3 F5

The First of Autumn: Malcolm Dalglish


741.5 A3 F6

For Pence and Spicy Ale: The Watersons

Shanachie 79056

741.5 A3 Ir55

Irish Pipe and Tin Whistle Songs

Olympic 6129

741.5 A3 M2

The McPeake family

Topic 12T87

741.5 I3 At1

At Their Best: Sean McCuire


741.5 I3 B7

The Breeze from Erin: Irish folk music on wind instruments

Topic 12T184

741.5 I3 Ch5

The Cheiftains 8

Columbia 35726

741.5 I3 Cl3 v.2

Classics of Irish Piping

Topic 12T262

741.5 I3 D8

The Drones and the Chantaers


741.5 I3 E8

Eternal Ireland: Irish harp pub music

MHS 4745 / Arion 33196

741.5 I3 Ir35

Irish Pipe Music: Hornpipes, airs & reels

Nonesuch 72059

741.5 I3 Ir4

The Irish Pipes of Finbar Furey

Nonesuch 72048

741.5 I3 Ir41

Irish Traditional Fiddle Music

EVER 2120

741.5 I3 Ir42

Irish traditional fiddling


741.5 I3 J6

Joe & Antoinette McKenna at home

Shanachie 29016

741.5 I3 M5

Sixty-five years of Irish music

June Appal JA019

741.5 I3 S8

Strings Attached: Folk music of Ireland

Green Linnet SIF 1027

741.5 I3 U4 cass

Uillean Pipes and Tin Whistle


741.5 I3 W5

The wheels of the world: Classics of Irish traditional music

SH 33001

741.5 V3 Ir35

Irish Drinking Songs

Everest S-3559

741.5 V3 Ir4

Irish Folk Airs

Tradition TR 2083

741.5 V3 Ir43

Irish Revolutionary Songs

Olympic 6104

741.5 V3 Ir45

Irish Songs of the Rebellion

Tradition 2070

741.5 V3 M3

The Makem and Clancy concert

Shanachie 52003

741.5 V3 M35

Mary O'Hara's Ireland

Tradition TR-2115

741.5 V3 S55

Songs of Ireland: Irish harp and vocals

Tradition TLP 1024

741.5 V3 W6

A Wild Bees' Nest

Topic 12T139

741.6 V3 F7

Folk Ballads of Donegal and Derry


741.62 V3 AD1

Adam in Paradise


741.7 I3 F2

Farewell to Connacht

Outlet SOLP.1010

741.74 A3 I7

Irlande 1: Heritage gaelique et traditions du Connemara

Ocora 558 541

741.74 V3 J6

Joe Heaney: Irish traditional songs in Gaelic and English

Topic 12T91

741.74 V3 M8

More Grand Airs from Connemara

Topic 12T202

741.74 V3 So58

Songs of Aran

Folkways FM 4002

741.96 I3 St3

The Star Above the Garter

Claddagh CC5

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