A Guide to the Ethnomusicology LP Collection
in the Oberlin College Conservatory Library



Note: All call numbers begin with LP or SLP 781. followed by the numbers shown.

Some LPs have the jacket notes bound separately, with the same call number.
Be sure to ask for them.


Call Number


Company Number

742 I3 En3

English Folk Dances for Young People

Odeon CLP 3753/ OC 062.05619M

742 V3 A5

Airs and graces: Traditional English and Scottish ballads

Shanachie 79055

742 V3 C6

The Clockwinder: English folk songs

Folk-Legacy FSB-93

742 V3 Ea76

Early English Ballads

EAV LE7764

742 V3 Ea78

Early English Ballads from the Percy and Child Collection

FA 2305

742 V3 En3 v.1-3

The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (Child Ballads), sung by Ewan MacColl


742 V3 F62, v. 2

Songs of Seduction

Topic 12T158

742 V3 F62, v. 3

Jack of All Trades: A collection of the songs of the country craftsmen

Topic 12T159

742 V3 F62, v. 4

The Child Ballads nos. 2-95

Topic 12T160

742 V3 F62, v. 5

The Child Ballads 2: nos. 110-299

Topic 12T161

742 V3 F62, v. 6

Sailormen and Servingmaids

Topic 12T194

742 V3 F62, v. 7

Fair Game and Foul

Topic 12T195

742 V3 F62, v. 8

A Soldier's Life for Me

Topic 12T196

742 V3 F62, v. 9

Songs of Ceremony

Topic 12T197

742 V3 F62, v.10

Songs of Animals and Other Marvels

Topic 12T198

742 V3 F9

Frost and Fire: the Watersons

Topic 12T136

742 V3 H6

Hot Blast: Contemporary Political Songs


742 V3 M9

Music Hall: Top of the Bill

SH221-222 EMI

742 V3 O8

Out of the Cut: English folksongs

Rounder 3075

742 V3 Un3

The Unfortunate Rake

FS 3805

742 V3 W3

Waterloo-Peterloo : English folk songs & broadsides, 1780-1830

Argo ZDA 86

742.25 V3 F7

Folk Songs and Ballads of Sussex: Tony Wales

Folkways 3515

742.3 V3 C4

Charlie Wills

Leader LEA 4041

742.4 V3 W6

The Wide Midlands: Songs, Stories, and Tunes

Topic 12T210

742.53 V3 Un8

Unto Brigg Fair

Leader LEA 4050

742.61 V3 N9

Now is the Time for Fishing: Songs and Speech by Sam Larner

FG 3507

742.81 V3 El6

The Elliots of Birtley: a musical portrait of a Durham mining family

FG 3565

742.82 A3 N8

Northumberland Forever

Topic 12TS186

742.82 I3 B5

Billy Pigg the Border Minstrel

Leader LEA 4006




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742.9 A3 G5

Golden Hour Presents Wales, Land of Song


742.9 V3 So5

Songs of Wales

REQU 8153

742.9 V3 T7

Traditional Welsh Song: Meredydd Evans

EVER 2078

742.9 V3 W1

Wales: Land of Song

SW 99527

742.9 V3 W4

Welsh Folksongs

FW 6835

742.9 V3 W8

The World of Wales in Song

SW 99525




743 I3 M9

Music of the German Gypsies, v. 2

MHS 1205

743.3 V3 Fo55

Folk Music of the Bavarian Alps

SUM 5022




743.6 A3 Au8 v.1

Austrian folk music: the Eastern provinces

Arhoolie F-3001

743.6 A3 Au8, v. 2

Austrian folk music: the Western and Southern provinces

Arhoolie F-3003



Czech Republic and Slovakia

(formerly Czechoslovakia)

743.7 A3 Au8

Authentic Folklore from Czechoslovakia

SUB 12458 - 12460

743.7 I3 IN8

Instrumental Folk Music

Supraphon SUA 12497

743.7 V3 F55

Folk Music from Czechoslovakia


743.7 V3 F6

Folk Songs from Czechoslovakia


743.7 V3 L5

Lieder und Volksmusic

Schott Wergo T 203

743.71 A3 B6


Musidisc 30 CV 1113

743.73 A3 An9

Anthology of Slovak Folk Music, Songs and Dances from the Gemer and the Horny Liptov Region

Supraphon 017 0679

743.73 A3 W4

Wedding Ceremonies in Sucha Hora

Supraphon 12869

743.73 I3 Sl6

Slovak Folk Music Ensembles

SUA 12913




743.8 A3 P6

Polish Folk Songs and Dances

FW 6848

743.8 V3 S3

Sadly Whisper the Leaves of the Willow: Polish partisan and folk songs

FSS 37340

743.8 V3 S6

Solidarity! Postulat 22: Songs from the new Polish labour movement

FSS 372S1 1




743.9 A3 F65 cass

Folk Music From Hungary


743.9 A3 F7

Folk Music of Hungary

FM 4000

743.9 A3 H8 (v. 1 & v. 2)

Hungarian Folk Music

Hungaroton LPX 18001 & 2

743.9 I3 G8 cass

Gypsy Music from Hungary


743.9 I3 H9

Hungarian Historical Marches

LPX 5013

743.9 V3 G7 (2 discs)

Gypsy Folk Songs from Hungary

Hungaraton SLPX 18028-29

743.9 V3 H8

Hungarian folk music, v. 1

LPX 1187

743.9 V3 K9

Kuruc dalok: Hungarian historical folk songs

LPX 1051

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