A Guide to the Ethnomusicology LP Collection
in the Oberlin College Conservatory Library



Note: All call numbers begin with LP or SLP 781. followed by the numbers shown.

Some LPs have the jacket notes bound separately, with the same call number.
Be sure to ask for them.


Call Number


Company Number

744 A3 F7

Folk Music of France

FE 4414

744 A3 F8

French Folk Music: Alan Lomox

Columbia 91A 02003

744 A3 Mu8

Musique traditionnelle des pays de France

du Monde 74516

744 V3 F72 (w/ notes)

French Folk Songs

FP 6832

744 V3

Les Grandes Succes d'Edith Piaf

PHIL 1B6641141

744 V3 S6

Sonia Malkine Sings French Folk Songs

FW 8741

744.1 A3 So6

Songs and dances of Brittany

FE 4014

744.1 I3 W5

With Shawm and Bagpipe

MHS 3342

744.59 A3 V5

Violoneux et Chanteurs Traditionnels en Auvergne: Cantal

LDX 74635

744.59 I3 H8

Hurdy Gurdy Music

FW 8747

744.59 V3 A8, v.1

Auvergne: French folk songs

Ocora 558 520

744.83 A3 Z7

Gli Zingari / the Gypsies

Albatros L 2S/123




745 A3 M9

Music and Song of Italy


745 I3 Z1

La Zampogna in Italia (bagpipes)

VPA 8149

745 S3 B2

I balli, gli strumenti (I canti religiosi)

VPA 8082

745 V3 C2

Il Canto lirico e satirico la poli vocalita

VPA 8126

745 V3 C22

La Canzone narrativa: Lo Spettacolo popolare

VPA 8088

745 V3 G7 (w/notes)

Gruppo dell'alamanacco populare

VPA 8089

745 V3 P6

The Poor Man's Calendar (Italian ritual folk songs)

VPA 8144

745.1 V3 C2

Canti popolari del Piedmont

VPA 8146

745.18 V3 C6

Canti poplari della Liguria, v. 1-2

VPA 8164 & 8313

745.34 A3 V4

Veneto/Maracello Conati

VPA 8420

745.62 A3 L3

Lazio v. 1: Folksongs and bagpipes

VPA 8314

745.65 V3 C1

Canti popolari dell'Umbria

VPA 8145

745.7 I3 L8

Lucania and Calabria: Instrumental folk music from southern Italy

VPA 8466

745.72 A3 It1

Italian Folk Music: Naples and Campania

FE 4265

745.8 A3 B3 (2 c)

La Baronessa de Carini: Sicilian songs and music

GVM 676-677

745.8 A3 F5

Work Songs of Sicily

LLST 7333

745.8 A3 F6

Folk Songs and Music from Malta

FM 4047




745.9 A3 C1

Canti polivocali e Musica stumentale

VPA 8152

745.9 V3 C1

Canti monodici/monodic songs

VPA 8150

745.9 V3 C16

Canti polivocali/polyvocal songs

VPA 8151

745.9 V3 P5

Polyphonies de Saradaigne

Chant du monde 74760

746.9 V3 P8


Odeon 3C 064 17843

746.92 V3 An87

Anthology of Portuguese music, v. 1

FE 4538

746.96 A3 An87

Anthology of Portuguese music, v. 2

FE 4538



746 A3 An87

Anthology of Spanish Folklore Music

SDBR 3286/4

746 A3 F7

Folk music of Spain

FE 4411

746 A3 Sp15

Spanish Folk Music

Columbia 91A-02001

746 S6 M8

Music of the Spanish & Portugal Synogogue

FR 8961

746 S6 S4

Sephardic Folk Songs

FW 8737

746 V3 C5

Chants de la guerre d'Espagne

LDX 4279

746.1 I3 F6

Folidas das Rias Baixas

VPA 8111

746.6 A3 Ba75

Basque Songs and Dances

LLST 778

746.8 A3 A5

Antologia del Canti Flamenco

Orfeon LP-JM-05

746.8 A3 M6

Misa Flamenca


746.8 A3 S6

The Soul of Flamenco


746.8 A3 Sa1

Sabicas: Flamenca Fiesta

LEG 115

746.8 I3 C2

Carlos Montoya: Guitar recital

PRST 2928

746.8 I3 F6

Flamenco Puro

MHS 731

746.8 I3 F61

Flaming Flamenco

Everest 3271

746.8 I3 J9

Juerga: Manitas de Plata (Flamenco guitar)

CS 203

746.8 V3 L45

La nina de los peines (Flamenco songs)

LDX 74859 CdM

746.8 V3 N5

El Nino de Almarden

LDX 74830 CdM

746.8 V3 P3

Pepe de la Matrona

LDX 74829

746.8 V3 T4

Terremoto de Jerez

LDX 74860

746.8 V3 V6

Viejo cante jondo

S53182 COLU

746.86 V3 N6

La Nina de los peines

Everest FS 256

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