A Guide to the Ethnomusicology LP Collection
in the Oberlin College Conservatory Library




Note: All call numbers begin with LP or SLP 781. followed by the numbers shown.

Some LPs have the jacket notes bound separately, with the same call number.
Be sure to ask for them.


Call Number




Company Number


776 A3 Af851

Afro-American Blues & Game Songs


776 A3 Af854

Afro-American Music: Dr. Willis James

FA 2692

776 A3 Af857

Af-American Spirituals, Work Songs, & Ballads


776 A3 B2

Ballad Hunter (Pts VII & VIII)


776 A3 B4

Been Here & Gone

FA 2659

776 A3 C6

Country Music: South and West

NW 287

776 A3 So58

Song, Play, & Dance

FA 2654

776 A3 So84

Sounds of the South

Atlantic SD 1346

776 B3 B5

Big Bill Broonzy: His story

FG 3586

776 B3 E3

Early Leadbelly 1935-1940

Biograph 12013

776 B3 L4

Leadbelly: Library of Congress recordings

EKL 301/2

776 B3 R55

Roots of Blues: Alan Lomax

NW 252

776 B3 R6

Roots of the Blues

Atlantic SD 1348

776 C3 D8

Woody Guthrie: Dust Bowl ballads

FH 5212

776 C3 R7

Roscoe Holcomb: High lonesome sound

FA 2368

776 H3 El23 v.1-2

Elder Songsters

FP 655-656

776 H3 F3


Asch AHM 4151

776 H3 G5

God Give Me Light

Herwin 203

776 H3 N3

Negro Church Music

Atlantic SD 1351

776 H3 N33

Negro Religious Songs and Services (cop 1)


776 H3 N35

Negro Religious Songs and Services (cop 2)


776 H3 So58

Song & Worship

FP 658

776 H3 Yo87

Young Songsters

FP 657

776 W1 N4

Negro Work Songs and Calls


776 W75 C6

Come All You Coal Miners

Rounder 4005

776.1 A3 H7 v. 1-3

Horace Sprott

FP 651

776.1 A3 N3

Negro Folk Mus Alabama vol.1: Secular

FE 4417

776.1 A3 N334

Negro Folk Music of Alabama: Spirituals

FE 4473

776.1 A3 N34

Negro Folk Songs of Alabama vol. 6: Ring game songs

FE 4474

776.1 A3 W4 cass

We Shall Overcome: Freedom Singers, etc

AZ 0314

776.1 H3 F8

Freedom Songs: Selma, AL (documentary rec.)

FH 5594

776.1 H3 H9

Hymns, Fuguing Tunes, Anthems from the

Original Sacred Harp

Am Mus LP S260-04

776.1 H3 N3

Negro Folk Music of Alabama vol. 5: Spirituals

FE 4473

776.1 H3 Sa14

Sacred Harp Singing (cop 1)


776.1 H3 Sa15

Sacred Harp Singing (cop 2)


776.1 H3 W5

White Spirituals from Sacred Harp

NW 205

776.1 I3 C8

Country Brass Bands

FA 2650

776.141 A3 R4 vol.1

R. Amerson: Negro Folk Music of Alabama, III

FE 4471

776.178.1 H3 B5

Birmingham, Alabama, 1963: Mass meeting

FD 5487

776.2 B3 B8

Bukka White

Travelin’ Man 806

776.2 B3 M5

Mississippi Blues: Bukka White

TAK 7001

776.2 B3 M55

Mississippi Moaners, 1927-1942

Yazoo L-1009

776.2 B3 N3

Negro Blues & Hollers: Archive Folk Song


776.2 B3 R5

Robert Johnson: King of the Delta Blues Singers

Columbia C 30034

776.2 B3 St7

Stop and Listen Blues: Mississippi Sheiks

Mamlish S 3804

776.2 I55 B5

Big Joe Williams: 9-string guitar blues

Delmark 627

776.222 B3 So9

South Mississippi Blues

Rounder 2009

776.24 B3 A8

Avalon Blues vol. 2: Mississippi, John Hurt

HT 301

776.24 B3 Bl8

Blues ‘n Trouble

Arhoolie F1006

776.24 B3 I4

I Have to Paint My Face: Mississippi Delta Blues

Arhoolie F 1005

776.24 B3 J6

Johnny Shines: Sitting on Top of the World

Biograph BLP 12044

776.24 B3 M7

Mississippi John Hurt 1928

Biograph BLP

C4 (C 10888)

776.24 B3 So6

Son House

Folklyric 9002

776.24 W8 N3

Negro Prison Songs: from Mississippi State Penitentiary

Everest TR 1020

776.265.3 I8 L5

Leake County Revelers: Sat. night breakdown

County 532

776.3 A3 C1

Cajuns: Songs, waltzes, two-steps

RBF 21

776.3 B3 An5

Angola Prisoner's Blues

Arhoolie R 2011

776.3 B3 So9

Southern Prison Blues

Everest TR 2066

776.3 D3 B6

Black Snake Blues: Clifton Chenier

Arhoolie 1038

776.3 D3 I4

I’m Here!: Clifton Chenier

Alligator AL 4729

776.3 D3 L55

Louisiana Blues and Zydeco: Clifton Chenier

Arhoolie F 1024

776.3 D3 L6

Lousiana Cajun Music

Arhoolie F 5003

776.3 D3 Z84

Zydeco: Texas dance music

Afhoolie F 1009

776.3 I5 T7

Traditional Cajun Fiddle

FM 8361

776.3 N3 B3

Beausoleil: Bayou Boogie

Rounder 6015

776.3 N3 B6

Bon Ton Roulet: Clifton Chenier

Arhoolie F1031

776.3 N3 F65

Folksongs of the Louisiana Acadians

Arhoolie 5009

776.3 N3 H3

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band

Arhoolie 5029

776.3 N3 L3

La La: Louisiana Black French music

Maison de Soul 1004

776.3 N3 L36

Lawrence "Black" Ardoin & his French Band

Arhoolie 1091

776.3 N3 L92

LA Cajun Music vol. 2: Early thirties

Old Timey OT 109

776.3 N3 L95

LA Cajun Music vol. 5: Early years, 1928-38

Old Timey OT 114

776.3 N3 P3

Parlez-nous à Boire: M. Doucet with Beausoleil

Arhoolie 5034

776.3 N3 Q8

Queen Ida & the Bon Temps Zydeco Band

GNPS 2147

776.3 N3 S6

Songs, Tales, Ditties, and Dances

FCS 77860

776.3 N3 T5

Sady Courville, violin, and the Mamou Cajun Band

Sonet SNTF 802

776.3 W8 P9

Prison Worksongs

Arhoolie 2012

776.318 B3 S8 vol.1

Swamp Blues

Sonet SNTF 773

776.318 B3 S8 vol.2

Swamp Blues

Sonet SNTF 774

776.335 N3 C8

Creole Songs of Louisiana

FA 602

776.34 N3 C1

Cajun Songs from Louisiana

FE 4438

776.4 A3 T3

Texas Folksongs

Everest TR 1029

776.4 B3 C8

Country Blues: Lightnin' Hopkins

Everest TR 1035

776.4 B3 J3

Jack O’Diamonds: Texas

Herwin H-211

776.4 B3 T3

Texas Blues: Early 1950’s

Blues Classics 16

776.4 D3 T4

Texas Czech-Bohemian Bands

Folklyric 9031

776.4 I5 B6

Bob Wills: Living Legend

Longhorn LP-001

776.4 I5 B65

Bob Wills Sings & Plays

Liberty LST-7303

776.4 I5 T3

Texas Farewell: TX fiddlers, 1922-30

County 517

776.4 I5 W4 vol.5

Western Swings

Old Timey 120

776.4 N3 G6

La Gloria de Texas: Lydia Mendoza

Arhoolie 3012

776.4 W4 C8

Cowboy Songs, Ballads, Cattle Calls from Texas


776.4 W4 J9

Jules V. Allen: Texas cowboy

FV 12502

776.4 W8 N3

Negro Prison Camp Worksongs

FE 4475

776.414.11 B3 L5

Lightning Hopkins

Blues Classics 30

776.424 A3 M3

Mancs Lipscomb vol. 4

Arhoolie F 1033

776.428 H3 B6

Blind Willie Johnson, 1927-30


776.7 B3 B6

The Blues Roll On

Atlantic SD 1352

776.7 B3 K4

Keep It toYourself

Rooster Blues R7605

776.71 A3 Al64

Almeda Riddle

Rounder 0017

776.71 A3 M9

Music of Ozarks

Nat Geo Soc 703

776.71 I5 S5

Simple Pleasures: Old time fiddle from the Ozarks

Rounder 0157

776.71 I8 Ec45 vol. 1

Echoes of the Ozarks

County 518

776.71 I8 Ec45 vol. 2

Echoes of the Ozarks

County 519

776.8 A3 Al5

Allen Brothers: When you leave me you’ll leave me sad

FV 12501

776.8 B3 B71

Broke and Hungry: Sleepy John Estes, TN Jug Busters

DS 608

776.8 B3 B74

Brownsville Blues: Sleepy John Estes

DS 613

776.8 B3 L4

Legend of Sleepy John Estes

DS 603

776.8 B3 M5

Memphis & the Delta

Blues Classics 15

776.8 H3 F5

Fisk Jubilee Singers

FA 2372

776.8 I55 B7

Brother Oswald

Rounder 0013

776.819 B3 L6

Low Down Memphis Barrelhouse Blues

Mamlish S 3803

776.855 A3 B6

Blind James Campbell & his Nashville Street Band

Arhoolie F 1015

776.862.7 I3 J1

Jack Daniel's Orig. Silver Cornet Band

PAS 6093

776.87 C3 B3

Ballads & Banjo Music: Dee & Delta Hicks

County 789

776.9 A3 B4

Been Long Time Traveling: A. Graham

JA 020

776.9 C3 B8 vol.1-2

British Trad Ballads (child): S. mtns.

FA 2301-2302

776.9 C3 H6

Hills & Home: 30 Years of bluegrass

NW 225

776.9 I45 R4

Red Wing: I.D. Stamper

JA 010

776.9 I5 B6

Bluegrass Fiddle Sound of Kenny Baker

County 719

776.9 W75 T5

They Can’t Put it Back: Mines & Miners

JA 012

776.9 W95 Au6

Aunt Molly Jackson

Rounder 1002

776.9 W95 So6

Songs/Stories of Aunt Molly Jackson

FH 5457

776.91 H3 Ol2

Old Time Appalachian Mountain Gospel Singing

PMR 127

776.912 C3 S5

Silver Dagger: Sarah Ogan Gunning

Rounder 0051

776.917 A3 R5

Ritchie Family of Kentucky

FA 2316

776.922 A3 R8

Rufus Crisp

FA 2342

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