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End of Fall Semester FAQ

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Due Dates

Most books, scores, and government documents are due on December 18, 2019. If you are completing work due during the reading and exam periods, you may keep semester loan items for a few extra days without being fined. If you wish to keep library materials during the holiday shutdown or beyond, please renew them. Remember that special due dates still apply to reserve materials, periodicals, recalled items, interlibrary loans, OhioLINK materials and other short-term loan items, and you will be responsible for fines if these items are returned overdue.  We expect you to honor due dates during Winter Term.  Please plan to renew materials due during Winter Term, and be prepared to return them if they are not renewable.

Checking your Library Record

You may produce a list of all the items currently checked out to you by using the "View your library record" option in OBIS; you can also display and print lists of unpaid fines. Please contact a circulation supervisor at your earliest convenience if you believe our records to be in error.

Fines for Overdue Materials

  • Recalled items are fined at a rate of $10/day. Recalled items are due at the time indicated on your notice.
  • Periodicals from the Conservatory Library are fined at a rate of $1/day.
  • Periodicals from the Science Library are fined at a rate of $0.50/hour. Be sure to return or renew them by their due dates.
    Interlibrary loan materials are fined at a rate of $1/day.
    OhioLINK and SearchOhio materials are fined at a rate of $0.50/day.

Carrels, lockers, and scholar studies in the Terrell Main Library

You may leave materials in your assigned carrel, locker, or scholar study.  They must be checked out to you.  Remember to renew these materials; you remain responsible for returning them on time, and we will hold your second semester enrollment if you have items remaining overdue.

Carrels and lockers are assigned for the whole year, as long as you are enrolled on campus.  We will clean out and reassign carrels and lockers for users who are not on campus.  You will forfeit your key deposit if you leave without returning the locker key.  Please let us know if you no longer need a study or storage space so we can make it available to other users.  Let the circulation desk staff know about carrels; turn in your locker key to Bill Ruth in the library administrative office.

Scholar study assignments may change for spring semester.  You may stay in your scholar study until notified by Bill Ruth that it is needed for another user.

Renewals and Winter Term Privileges

All Oberlin College Libraries materials must be returned by the end of the exam period, unless you have made other arrangements at the lending library. Keeping any library materials overdue will result in our holding your enrollment next semester. Graduating students will be billed for the replacement and processing costs of unreturned materials. Each campus library has its own policy for the loan of materials to continuing students over the shutdown and Winter Term. Please contact a staff supervisor if you need more information about these policies.

NOTE: Graduating students who remain in the area may become alumni borrowers. Ask for a copy of the courtesy borrowing privileges at the circulation desk for more information.

Please contact a circulation supervisor if you have any questions about our policies.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Last updated:
December 3, 2019