About the data supervisors:

Mark Moss is the editor of Sing Out! and folk song advocate, "...We want people to not just consume music but to make music. Have it be part of their daily lives."

Kathy Abromeit is the Public Services Librarian at the Oberlin Conservatory Library and oversees the addition of Oberlin’s collection to the index.

The following people helped build this resource. Thank you to ...

Alan Boyd, Gregory Engel, David Goldberg and Xi Chen for their generous support in the testing to insure a successful transition to the database’s new host, as well as web development and general technical support.

Oberlin Conservatory Library colleagues who have offered ideas, scouted titles, curated exhibits, etc. Deborah Campana, Oberlin Conservatory Librarian, Faith Hoffman, Jack Knapp, Kim Fixx, Angela Kloc, and Anne Sprague.

Ray English, Director of Oberlin College Libraries, for his general support of this project as well as offering Oberlin as a host for the database.

Data Entry folks at Oberlin College:

Joshua Christian, Jennifer Derrick, Chelsea Doohan, Jessica Dunn, Tabia Gaston, Barry Garrett, Jonathan Green, Sean Hanson, Aaron Helgeson, Brandon Henley, InSoo Jung, Alicia Kim, Anglea Kloc, Colin Levin, Nathan Medley, Allison Paz, Karen Piranian, Pooja Rangan, Ardon Shorr, Mark Shuldiner, Yi Hong Sim, Megan Snowe, Rosalind Soltow, Max Sternberg, and Caroline Wyatt.

And Finally,

And Finally, we’d like to express our great appreciation for the support of the late Peter Goldsmith. Peter Goldsmith was the Dean of Students at Oberlin College and came to Oberlin in 1999. In addition to his responsibilities as dean, Goldsmith taught a colloquium in the anthropology department on "The Idea of Folk in American Culture." He was also the author of the book "Making People’s Music: Moe Asch and Folkways records." The final chapter of his book praises all those who came together to tell Moe Asch stories. It seemed that everyone had one. They were told with humor, with exasperation, with fond recollection. It was the folk process at work.” Similar to Moe Asch, we all have Peter Goldsmith stories, stories that will recall his love of folk music, his kindness, his intellect, his moral convictions and his profound humanism, and we thank him for teaching us about the folk process at work. Peter D. Goldsmith died on April 23, 2004 in Oberlin, OH at age 51.