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Using the Book Returns

There are 2 book returns for the science library:

  • Exterior - east wall of Science Center north building, in the breezeway across from Craig Auditorium ground floor entrance
  • Interior - at library entrance, inside the Science Center's Perlik Commons

Do NOT return reserve materials or journals to a book return when the library is open! During open hours, return short-term loan items directly to a staff member.

Book returns are cleared only when opening and closing the library. Hourly fines are assessed for items that become overdue after being placed in a book return during the library's open hours.

Need a Quiet Space or a Place to Work Together?

The acoustics of the science library, especially in the north reading area, make any conversation highly audible to those in the immediate area. Please keep cell phones on silence and move quickly to the adjacent Perlik Commons if you have to take a call. Limit your talkative group study activities to the two group study rooms near the library entrance, mindful that even with those doors closed loud talking permeates the rest of the library. Perlik Commons is an ideal location for conversation and group work. Small groups are welcome to work together on the south side of the library, where the lower ceiling and nearby book stacks help to absorb sound.

Food & Drink Guidelines [PDF]


Last updated:
January 4, 2019