<< Front page Commentary April 9, 2004

Bosko not guilty of allegations

To the Editors:

For the record, although I make it a point not to comment about cases before, during or after a hearing, I write now to correct a glaring inaccuracy by omission in a letter to the editor on March 12 from Jesse Carr.

First, the College does take all allegations of sexual misconduct very seriously.

Second, in reference to the accusation against Bosko Tomasevic, hearings did indeed take place.

Mr. Tomasevic and another student were accused of rape in the fall of 2001 by a third student, and charges of sexual assault were brought against them by the Oberlin police and the College. Both Mr. Tomasevic and the other student were found not guilty in both venues.

In the city court, the judge dismissed the charges as without merit. At the College, a five-person formal hearing panel composed of students and faculty members heard the complaint and unanimously found them not guilty of sexual assault.

–Camille Hamlin Allen
Sexual Offense
Policy Administrator


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