<< Front page Commentary April 9, 2004

Is discrimination the issue?

To the Editors:

I would first like to thank Sarah Jones for her input. Although she is, in fact, a College junior, she is also a student manager working closely with Bon Appetit managers for the past two-and-a-half years.

I have not been on campus for the last six months of that time. Why now, after my being gone for six months, does she have this opinion? Sarah was responding to an article about another employee, not me. Perhaps she should have responded to him alone and not draw others into their debate.

Sarah states that Bon Appetit was only cited once, how many times do they need to be cited before it becomes unacceptable? She and Ruth Spencer say these managers aren’t here. Companies tend to hire and train those who will do things “their way.” Where are the minority managers?

Is it really so far-fetched to believe that these Bon Appetit
managers are capable of discrimination too?

Upwards of 15 people have been brought to hear the same write-up at one time. Is this harassment? Weak points! These are definitely weak points and if allowed to continue, they will only get stronger. I am in possession of witness statements from several co-workers, UAW representatives and even a supervisor which indicate harassment and discrimination as the reasons behind my termination.

Furthermore, Sarah Jones does not bear witness to any threatening behaviors I was accused of. Did anyone actually “see” a bow and arrow? No! These “threats” are merely ridiculous accusations thrown around by management to incite fear into my co-workers through propaganda. Managers continue to use propaganda by trying to defend their position, knowing I cannot. It does not change the fact, however, that Oberlin College and Bon Appetit do not have one legitimate write-up against me.

Sarah Jones is tired of hearing from only one person. I have petitions signed by 35 of my co-workers stating that they feel I do my job and do not create a hostile work environment for them. They believed by signing these petitions they were coming forward. It does no good though when Oberlin College and its managers refuse to consider them.

You are right, Sarah Jones, we need to hear from more employees and not just management.

Thank you again, Miss Jones, for your input.

–Edward Beard
Former College employee


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