<< Front page Commentary April 9, 2004

Where are anti-war people?

To the Editors:

Another Bulgarian soldier
was shot Tuesday night in Karbala, bringing my countrymens’ death
toll in this mindbogglingly idiotic war to six!

The conflict escalated rapidly last week, taking the lives of tens
of GIs and hundreds of Iraqis on a daily basis. American bodies are being dragged through the streets
and a U.S. helicopter fired missiles intentionally at a mosque filled
with civilians!

THIS IS A WAR but where
the hell went all the anti-war
Obies who proudly marched through the streets of big cities chanting “democracy” only the previous fall? Where are you?

Did midterms or cold weather get you? Are you conserving strength for the upcoming elections or did you indeed buy Bush’s claim that we “won” the war and no one can do a thing about it?

I am increasingly starting to believe that, yes, there is such a thing as a moody professional activist residing in this school and that she or he is only perturbed by world events when they hazily resemble an idealized vision of the ‘70s. But I don’t care about all that hippie stuff!

People are dying NOW and I look around and see no one doing a thing about it on campus.

Okay, maybe it’s all a big strategic move by the liberal community
to get moderates and conservatives
in this country to vote anti-Bush
and not shy away from scraggly

If this be the case, I will not budge you to expend the time and fuel to drive to D.C. But the fact that many of my friends don’t even follow the news anymore speaks of the fact that being an anti-war Obie could be more of an “age thing” than a valid moral stance.

–Apostol Dyankov
College sophomore


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