<< Front page News April 9, 2004

Dean departs for Tennessee

After eight years as Oberlin’s Associate Dean of Students, Bill Stackman will be leaving the College in June.

Stackman, who also served as Class Dean for the Class of 2006, has accepted a position as Dean of Students for Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn.

“My responsibilities there will include residential life, housing, student activities, multicultural issues, and athletics,” he said. “So it will be similar to at Oberlin.”

“I’ve always found Oberlin to be a special place with exciting people,” he said. “What I will miss most are the friends and heroes that I’ve met along the way. I’ve worked at a number of schools over 21 years as an administrator but my experience at Oberlin made me decide I wanted to continue and finish my career in small liberal arts colleges.”

Stackman recently received a doctoral degree from Boston University.


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