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Yeo-women soccer in rut
Team finds no luck in conference
Big Maroon: Junior Mei-Lin Ha attempts to out-run an opponent.

The Oberlin College women’s soccer team fell short of their goal of two wins in their second week of North Coast Athletic Conference play. The Yeowomen, who currently stand at 0-4 in the conference have been working hard this season. However, they have yet to pull out a conference win.

In Saturday’s game against Wittenberg University, the Yeowomen were unable to answer to the three goals netted by the Lady Tigers in the second half. The Yeowomen were able to hold Wittenberg off the first half of the game, but ultimately they were outshot 10-2 and lost the game 3-0.

Transitioning from a defensive to an offensive mindset is what proved difficult for the Oberlin team. “We were okay with Wittenberg the first half. It was when we started playing more offensively [that] they were able to score on us,” said junior Meghan Schott.

The Oberlin team has been looking to step up its offense in the past couple weeks. “Last year we were very defensive-minded. This year we are pushing to play more offensively and it’s really fun to be part of that,” said sophomore Leslie Mills.

The game score is not reflective of the Yeowomen’s perseverance. “Even if the score is 3-0, we keep playing with so much intensity, attempting to prevent the shutout,” said Schott.

First-year Kathleen Keating notched three saves while sophomore Leslie Mills and senior Tamara White were able to get shots off against the steadfast Tigers.

On Tuesday, the Yeowomen traveled to the College of Wooster, starting the game out strong with a goal four minutes into the first half by first-year Joelle Sesar. Juniors Kym Buzdygon and Sam Schongalla stepped it up on the forward line. However, the Yeowomen were unable to find the net the remainder of the game. Wooster ended up netting two goals in the first half and another two in the second, winning the game 4-1.

“It has been a weird past couple of days. Every team has their ups and downs and the past week has definitely been our down. We are working hard and mentally preparing to get out of the down,” Mills said.

Unfortunately, the Yeowomen’s persistence has yet to be reflected in a game’s score. The women’s soccer team is working hard and looking to take home a win in this Saturday’s home game against Ohio Wesleyan University at 2:15.


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