The Coalition drafts letter of concerns for Trustees

by Abby Person

The Coalition, a conglomeration of various groups throughout the College who meet in the Lord lounge each Monday have drafted a letter to the Board of Trustees voicing their concern about Oberlin values in the realms of financial aid, student involvement, recruitment and organizations.

The letter contained an explanation of what the Coalition is. "We represent the interests of the student body especially those minority groups whose interests are systematically disregarded, such as: various ethnic groups; LGBT; the physically, mentally and/or learning disabled; low-income; and first generation college students," it stated.

Financial aid was the first area the letter addresssed. It called for the Trustees to look at changing financial aid policies and look at current trends, "specifically the annual reduction of financial aid packages," it stated.

The Coalition also called for more student input into the administrative process. They want the administration to "make available explicit information on how 'need' affects admission policies."

"Active recruitment and retention of administrators, faculty and staff committed to supporting marginalized communities," was also identified as a priority in the letter.

In addition, the Coalition made a request for "full, adequate and separate funding for student organizations who support and whose services are for marginalized communities."

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