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You Can Say that Again

Around here your average redneck is going to move over to the other ditch to get by you.

-Clyde Hohn
Ride Captain of the Lorain Wheelmen

In the baseball team's 2-1 victory over Case Western Reserve University Saturday, junior Carson Keebler recorded his first victory of the season. After receiving All-NCAC honorable mentions last season, Keeble had struggled so far with eight losses. In the game Keeble recorded three strikeouts, walked one and gave up one homerun in the fifth inning.
Carson Keeble

Carson Keeble
(photo courtesy of S.I.D)

Marquee Event

With their 6-1 Division record the women's lacrosse team is in a position to repeat as NCAC champions. This veteran squad faces off against Ohio Wesleyan on Saturday. A victory will give the Yeowomen a chance to battle Denison for the conference title.

Women's Lacrosse
Oberlin against OWU
at Denison University


Jay Johnson
High School: Gridley High School; Gridley, CA

Position: Assistant Baseball Coach

(photo courtesy of S.I.D)

What is your greatest athletic accomplishment?
I don't have any. All my friends are better athletes. I've never been the best. I've just been good. I am not the best at anything.

Why aren't you playing baseball?
I am too old. I couldn't handle another season. I am 22, but my body feels like 103. I just hang out with the players most of the time. I am in school with most of the players so I am in a special position. I want to be a coach. That's why I passed my senior year of eligibility. It was the easiest way so I can find out what I could do with the rest of my life.

When did you start playing baseball?
In the fifth grade, but I didn't play in high school. I'm just an excellent athlete.

What's your favorite sport?
I like track, because you can compete as an individual and the women are fly in their tight little outfits. No other sports are like that. It is supposed to help you. You work harder with chicks around.

What's your favorite food?
I love chicken. Any style...chicken nuggets. Chicken parmesan, Cordon Blue, any style. Just chicken.

What is your most memorable baseball story?
In a game against Allegheny my sophomore year there was a ball hit to me, so I ran up on it. I realized it was over my head. When I looked to see where it was I fell. I turned around to see where it was and still caught it. I was on my knees. I heard Coach Mooney saying from the dugout, "Now I've seen everything."

Do you have an idol?
Carl Lewis is the man. He is just the man. Magic's also the man. But in a different sport so it is okay.

I've always looked up to my dad, he is my hero... I am not too much like my dad, he' s a different kind of character.. He's funny and I try to be like that. Otherwise we are different and I've always admired that. But we are very good athletes, from what I understand. He's just a better athlete. I could probably beat him on the track, that's the only place I could take him. I could smash him because he is so old.

This Week's Events

Men's lacrosse
Saturday at Northwood University

Women's lacrosse
This weekend the NCAC Championships at Denison

Saturday doubleheader at Kenyon
Sunday doubleheader at Hiram
Tuesday doubleheader at Baldwin-Wallace

Men's tennis
This weekend the NCAC Championships at Wittenberg

Women's tennis
This weekend, the NCAC Championships at Case Western Reserve

Outdoor track and field
This weekend the NCAC Championships


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