The fun face of the internet

On-line galleries stimulate the discerning surfer

by Nana Tumasi

Art has found its way to the web. Amidst all the radical, propaganda- laden websites, there are artistic sites on the web that are a welcome break. These sites do not discuss or exhibit the artwork of others, rather, they have been created for no other reason than the visual and enjoyment of the browser.

One such site perhaps the most innovative of the bunch is This site is a bizarre amalgamation of sight and sound.

Clicking on the correct link will take you through a sort of space-aged trip of sound and color. Certain links will have changes in scenery or music, others will take you to a completely different site. It is a game without directions.

With persistence, any savvy Internet user will find other sites to access. Some of these are flashed on the first page of These are sites such as, or and All of them incorporate color, music, flashing images and a general theme of outlandishness and eccentricity while opening doors in multi-media expression.

Each site has its different quirks and secrets. One particular site,, offers a game similar to Tamagotchi toys that were popular a year or so ago. You can hatch an egg, feed it and change its diaper. The instructions even warn you to do this carefully, or it will run away. What "it" is is not entirely clear, but it shows up as a green blob floating across the screen.

The quality of graphics for the sights vary. Some incorporate unique design using pictures, hi-tech animations and special effects, others are basic and simple. These simple web pages often include minimal graphics, sounds that occur only when your mouse passes over a certain area. All of the sites seem to have an affinity for hidden links. Although some may appear simple, it is obvious that time and effort went into their creation. Certain sites, such as and change regularly, even daily.

These sites use the work of many talented and creative individuals who have the technological know-how to express their ideas and visual creations.

It is recommended that the Netscape Internet browser 4.0 or higher is used when viewing these sites, and it is also helpful to have Shockwave installed as well. These will enhance the effects of the sites, as will a computer with a fast processor. Keep in mind that staring at a computer screen too long, or viewing quickly flashing graphics for an extended period of time might may cause eye-strain, so view with moderation. Remember that these sites were created for fun and for show by bringing an on-line gallery to the touch of a finger.

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