City Economy Suffers As Industry Leaves Oberlin
by Jennifer Mellen

If one were to ask the average town dweller about big issues in the community, one of the responses would likely be, “the industrial park.” A major community employer, the Oberlin Industrial Park, sits removed from the road on West Lorain Street, little more than a mile from campus.
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Rake’s Progress Blends the Beautiful with the Ugly

by Faith Richards

Although Stravinsky is probably best known for his ballet scores, the reception on opening night of Oberlin’s production of his opera, The Rake’s Progress, left nothing to be desired. The opera’s combination of the comic and the grotesque, the beautiful and the disturbing, struck the audience deeply and left them with an impression not easily forgotten.
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Baseball Has Something Extra in 2002 Opener
by Colin Smith

The Oberlin baseball team made up for an opening day rainout by playing some extra baseball on Wednesday, as they split a double header at Thiel College that lasted 17 innings.
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SCA Should Focus on Community

To the Editors:

After reading the March 8, 2002, article regarding the redevelopment of the 43 East College Street business space by the newly formed Sustainable Community Associates, it occurs to me that while the philosophy behind the venture is admirable, the approach seems to be problematic.
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