Students Protest Job Cuts; Dye Charges Facts Skewed
by Michelle Sharkey

Concerned members of the Oberlin community took part in a demonstration outside the Cox building Thursday afternoon to protest the College’s decision to eliminate 11 staff positions. Displaying signs and chanting “stop the layoffs,” the demonstrators expressed anger with the Administration’s decision, announced last week, to ease the College’s financial burdens with staff cuts.
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Hip-Hop Hurricane Descends on the íSco
by Max Willens

“At around 7 p.m. on Wednesday, a hulking purple tour bus slowly crept its way into an impossibly tight parking space behind Wilder Hall. That bus, along with another one, housed the members of the 2002 lineup of the Cali Comm Tour, an underground hip-hop juggernaut with all the energy of a hurricane that Oberlin would be rocked by, shocked by and loved by. And as a night marked by unrelenting energy, creativity and largely positive messages progressed, little by little, and then finally a lot by a lot, in the true spirit of hip-hop, Oberlin gave that love back.
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Womenís X-Country Finishes Second, Men Sixth
by Teresa Collins

Last Saturday, the men’s and women’s cross country teams competed in the NCAC Championship Meet, where the men finished sixth and the women finished second.
“We gave ourselves the chance to do as well as we could,” head coach Jason Hudson said. “Training all year has been focused on this meet.”
But the team’s season is not over. With one more meet left, both teams look to build off of Saturday’s performance.
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Clarification of Holiday Spending

To the Editors:

In difficult financial times, it is especially important to create informed opinions based on an accurate set of numbers. With that in mind, I must set the record straight on the amount of spent for the campus-wide Holiday Reception hosted by our President.
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