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Despite Oberlin College football’s close loss to Earlham College (28-21), the offensive line did an excellent job of protecting their quarterback and controlling the line of scrimmage for the run.
Starters Adam Miller, Drew Roebuck, Kevin Wohl, Kyle Neumeier and Joe DeHondt played the entire game against a weight -superior Earlham defensive line. By the end of the game Oberlin had rushed over 200 yards and successfully passed over 100 yards for a total of 326 yards.
Kyle Neumeier played a hard-nosed football game despite painful injuries to his hand, helping the Yeoman to finish with only 3 sacks on the day with more than 20 passing attempts.
Even Joe DeHondt, who as a first-year has much less experience as compared to the opposition’s defensive line, turned in a great game, along with Wohl, Roebuck and Miller, to control the line of scrimmage and open up holes for the runningbacks. Although the offensive line doesn’t rack up personal statistics in the record books, the team could not have been nearly as offensively productive without the heart and teamwork these five men put in.
The Yeomen will look for a victory this Saturday at 1 p.m. at Dill Field, as they take on the Ohio Weslyan University Battling Bishops in an attempt to pass OWU in the standings, which could give them a place in the top half of the conference for the first time in many years.

You Can Say That Again. . .

“It was the fullback who got us.”

– Jeff Ramsey
Head Football Coach

On Saturday’s tough loss to Earlham College.

In the Locker Room with. . .

I’d have to say that this week’s “In the Locker Room” was much more fun to do than last week’s. Why? Because the first thing that happened when I went into first-years Jared Pickard (men’s lacrosse) and Chris Moran’s (men’s golf) room was that I had a beer offered to me. Now if only I could pull them away from that damn TV or extend their attention span for more than 20 seconds…

So what’s your favorite channel?

J: Food Network
C: We like to call it “FoodNet”

Jared, the Men’s Lacrosse team played one game in the fall against the University of Toledo and won 10-1, how does the spring season look?

J: We’re going to be undefeated. No, seriously, we’re going to be the first undefeated Oberlin Men’s Lacrosse team.
C: I have no idea about lacrosse, but I doubt what Jared just said…
J: [points at TV] Whoa! Look at those pretzels! Oh sweet our porn is almost done downloading. You should write something about Chris liking bestiality.
C: Wait, you’re the one who’s downloading the porn!

Jared, how’s Oberlin’s team compare to your high school team?

J: Not as good, but we’re still going to be undefeated. Whoa, so THIS is how you make a pretzel!
C: That looks good.
J: Wow…

Um, yeah.... So Chris, what about golf — you guys going to be any good this year?

C: Uh, we suck, but don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.
J: I heard that the golf team sucks, but don’t tell anyone, I think it’s a secret.

So what’s the deal with the fish?

C & J: His name is Marley.
C: He’s been stolen several times.
J: It’s ok though, because now we have an anti-theft device [points at black ink on fishbowl that says “Do not steal me.”] Once we found out who stole it and hung their diary and teddy bear from a noose, but we’re honorable men so we didn’t read the diary.

Why not?

Because who wants to read about a girl saying [in a girly voice], “Oh my boyfriend is impotent, I can’t believe I’m dating a star attack man on the lacrosse team that was impotent — twice” [end girly voice]. Seriously though, we didn’t read it.

[TV advertisement for Victoria Secret comes on]

J: Victoria Secret models are so much hotter than Fruit of the Loom models.
C: That’s because Fruit of the Loom models are dressed like fruit you idiot.

So are you two roommates by chance?

C & J: Yeah.
J: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and find Chris watching me sleeping.
C: I was looking for my inhaler.

How does that make you feel Jared?

C: It makes him feel horny.
J: Actually, no. It makes me feel wanted. Actually, change “wanted” to warm and fuzzy in my bathing suit area, in a completely hetero sort of way.

What’s your favorite beer?

J: Beast Light, my beer of choice.
C: I like all beer.
J: Yeah, take out Beast Light, as I wouldn’t want to choose one so as to offend another. I like all beers.

Any final words?

J: No I gotta race like a piss horse.
C: I can’t top that. Don’t steal our fish.

Marquee Event

vs. Ohio Wesleyan University,
Saturday, 1p.m.,
Dill Field

The football team has matched last year’s win total and is looking for more as they play before the Parents and Family Weekend crowd.

November 8
November 15

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