Now we turn our attention to the Burnt District in Oberlin, the result of the fire of March 6, 1882. This is a diagram from the Oberlin Tribune after the fire. Everything within the red line was either destroyed or severely damaged. On East College Street was HerrickÕs two-story frame, where the fire was first discovered. From there it spread east on College, west on College and, south on Main. The building that stopped the fire was what we know today as the Sperry-Gorske building. The paper estimated losses from the fire at $60,000. Destroyed buildings included many residences and businesses including Mr. Platt's photo gallery, the Telephone Exchange, a book store, shoe shop and the Carter and Wood hardware store. Note the building to the far southern end of the burnt district, todayÕs Black River Cafˇ, was at that time two buildings, one in the front of the lot and one to the rear, we will return to this soon.