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Peterson Njamunge (forefront) and Shauna Godfrey (left) cofounded a literacy initiative that has made a profound difference for school children and community members in a remote, impoverished district known as Kiamaina slum in central Kenya. In summer 2012, they traveled to Kenya with minimal funding to launch Kenya Reads, a project that supplied textbooks and created the first-ever interschool library in Kiamaina.

This year, Kenya Reads has a third member, Ty Diringer (center), who, as a 2013 Dalai Lama fellow, received $10,000 in support of the project. The trio, standing against a colorful mural outside Oberlin Public Library, will return to Kenya this summer to establish a community center using grant money from the Kathryn W. Davis Projects for Peace Foundation and Oberlin’s Creativity & Leadership Project.

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Photograph by Tanya Rosen-Jones