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May 7, 2004

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Students ask to see College’s books

The dispute over financial transparency on Campus includes many student organizations. Several groups have demanded more information on the College’s budget and the endowment investments

Big parade comes to town

An eager crowd of Oberlin citizens and students lined the sidewalks of East College Street Saturday morning awaiting the arrival of the third annual Big Parade.

Also in news:
OSCA under a magnifying glass
Linda Gates to be acting dean
OC budget nears completion
Groups register College voters
Town development underway
New SATS to be unleashed on the class of 2009
Student groups rush for charters
Finkelstein demystifies Israeli-Palestinian debate
obies dating obies
Athletics employed radical
Obies attend gender talks
First-years to get more credit
Off the Cuff: Khalid Medani
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Local star commits to OC

Oberlin High School senior Jordan Beard eagerly anticipates the day he puts on the crimson and gold Yeoman basketball jersey. Beard has a laundry list of accomplishments, but the greatest may not even be on the hardwood, the gridiron or the diamond.

Lacrosse fights with injuries in loss

A battered and bruised Yeomen lacrosse team finished its season with a hard-fought 12-3 home loss to the Battling Bishops of Ohio Wesleyan University on Saturday.

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Baseball nabs first NCAC win
Defense: The unsung heroes of OC games
Smarty Jones takes Derby
Slain athlete gets Silver Star
Club Corner: Rugby overcomes injuries for second place finish
In the Locker room with...Quammie Semper and Mark Lengel


The Fantasticks opens in Wilder

This musical, directed by first-year Alan Kline, is often a comedy of slapstick leanings. It is the story of two young lovers, Louise (sophomore Vernicia Elie) and Matt (first-year Brian Piper), whose fathers, played by sophomores Emma Nadeau and Maggie Keenan-Bolger, feign a feud to hoodwink their children into love and marriage.

Human Marvels play the ’Sco

If you’re into blood and needles, pitchforks and horns, if blue skin or women with whiskers turn you on, if you’ve ever tried to set yourself on fire or put out a cigarette on your bare tongue, The Human Marvels will rock your unconventional socks.

Also in arts:
Holy Virgin High too soon to die
Pop Culture Digest: “Farewell, Friends!” Final episode ends sitcom legacy
Man on Fire fails to deliver on classic formula
Early music choir captivates
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Mourning Peter Goldsmith
Goldsmith man of courage
Review’s facts wrong again
Divestment issue worthwhile
Context of race and sexual violence necessary
CIT plans to close Biggs Lab
2004 Alumni Class Officers
Thanking Oberlin, Executives
Chief Wahoo condemned as discriminatory
Help Lorain strike
Food: Getting medieval with one too many margaritas
Editorial: Healthcare cuts / Reconsider SAT