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Copeland Typifies White Racism

To the Editor:

I am deeply disappointed in Professor Copeland’s contorted way of thinking in his letter to the Review, “Copeland Questions Siddiqui’s Open-mindedness.” Open-mindedness is about being aware of and acknowledging different people’s experiences across race, class, gender and/or sexuality. It is not about the absolutely patronizing and even insulting notion that people can put themselves in the shoes of another person who is different in the aforementioned ways and claim to know where he/she comes from, or in Professor Copeland’s words, “understand the experiences.” Professor Copeland obviously was not at the Vagina Monologues or if he were, he certainly did not recognize the intense depth and passion with which junior Dominique Atchison wrote and shared her piece, a piece that could have only been written by someone who has shared her experiences.
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Zeke Men Set Record Straight

To the Editor:

I am sure by now that everyone has heard versions of the “extracurricular activities” which occurred in Zechiel Hall Friday night and Saturday morning of two weeks ago. Everyone from ResLife to the WRC has been wasting their time wondering who did this instead of pursuing the more beneficial question of why this event occurred. First, any accusations that this vandalism has been attributed solely to Zeke residents or to football players are ungrounded and (believe me) entirely false. We, the members of the Zeke community, do not condone the actions and events of that Friday night and Saturday morning; however, this vandalism succeeded in illustrating a very disturbing point to us: it requires actions this extreme to gain the attention we have been requesting for the past four months.
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Copeland Typifies White Racism

Zeke Men Set Record Straight

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