Recent Sexual Offenses Spark Investigation, Discussion
by Ariella Cohen

Women’s Resource Center: The student-initiated center provides a number of services to the Oberlin campus. (photo by Claire-Helene Mershon)


Two incidents of sexual violence were reported to the Oberlin Police this week. One awaits an Ohio state trial and the other is currently under investigation by the College as well as Oberlin police.
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Network Continues to Upgrade

by Jessica Bradish

The Oberlin College servers that Oberlin students use to send e-mail, access web sites, and get files have not always been considered up to par. There have been problems in the past with students being able to access to web pages, and faculty members being unable to retrieve files. The connections were often slow and sometimes nonexistent. But this year, Oberlin’s Director of Client Services for the Servers, Cynthia A. Murnan, thinks the supply is starting to catch up to the demand.
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Student Asks Dye For Time

To the Editors:
Five after seven? No, five of seven? Eleven o’clock? Three fourteen? This campus doesn’t know what time it is! There’s not one clock in this college with the correct time.I defy you to even find a clock whose hands move. I haven’t seen one. I hate sitting in a lecture about the history of slime wondering how much more boredom I have to endure. And there’s nothing that causes violent spasms through my body like walking into King glancing at the clock, and believing just for one halting moment that it really is eleven.
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Field Hockey Falls to NCAC Power Denison
by Liz Logan

The field hockey season that started off with a bang — two victories over Transylvania and Earlham — seems to have finally hit a bump in the road. On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the Yeowomen suffered a remarkably close loss to Denison College, a long-time rival. By half-time, the score was tied 2-2.
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