Police Offer Reward for Perpetrator of Assault
by Tobias Smith

This week, the Oberlin Police Department released a composite printout of a man believed to be an assailant in a robbery and sexual assault that occurred last semester. In addition to the composite, the Lorain County Prosecutor’s Office has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.
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The Moldy Peaches Blow Up The Cat, Speaker

by John MacDonald

Looking like a bunch of rejects from the Village People and loving it, New York City’s The Moldy Peaches stormed the Cat in the Cream Monday night with their own unique brand of “anti-folk.”
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Women’s Basketball Go 5-7 Over Winter Term
by Zachary Pretzer

This winter has been a story of ups and downs for the Oberlin College women’s basketball team. They have had quite a number of games where everything clicked on both sides of the ball, and others where they battled with inconsistency.
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Editor Needs Journalism Lesson

To the Editors:

Regarding Jessica Rosenberg’s questionable review of the Voices on the Verge show at the Cat: I helped publicize and hosted the show, so I am, of course, biased. But there are just a few too many glaring omissions, factual discrepancies, and journalistic inadequacies in your review that I had to write to you. So bias or not, here I come.
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