A Week in the Life of the Review

Sunday- Staff meeting, section meetings. All the section editors, the editors-in-chief and the managing editor meet to discuss what went well and what were problems in the last issue. Article ideas for the next issue are gathered. News, Arts, Sports and Photo editors meet with their writers/photographers to assign stories.

Monday- Reporting and writing. Everyone works on his or her assigned stories.

Tuesday- Pages due. 4:30 Ads deadline. The section editors estimate how many pages they will need in the upcoming issue, and the managing editor creates the plan of the paper for that week. Advertisements are placed in the paper at this time.

Wednesday- Article deadline. 4:30 Letters to the Editor deadline. The section editors go over every article they receive with their writers and make adjustments for style, length, and clarity. The perspectives editor places the letters to the editor in layout.

Thursday- Layout day. Both editors-in-chief read and approve every article. Section editors place all articles in layout. Editors stay at the office from 8 p.m. until they are finished with layout (which can be as late as 5 or 6 a.m.).

Friday- Copyediting, resetting and distribution. Copyeditors arrive in shifts, starting at 6 a.m. Section editors return after a few hours of sleep to do resets (fixing all mistakes the copyeditors point out, then reprinting the page). When the editors-in-chief approve a page the managing editor waxes it to a flat. The deadline is noon when a man arrives to drive the pasted-down pages to the printer in Bellevue. Around 5 p.m. when the papers arrive back from the printers, the distributions staff walks them to distribution points around town. The online staff posts the week's newspaper.

Saturday- Our day of rest- for everyone but our subscription manager, who posts the subscriptions.

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