Dye Tells Divisions to Slash Budgets; Staff Cuts Possible
by John Byrne

Across campus, College offices are scrambling to meet a new Dye directive — reduce operating budgets to avoid staff cuts.
“We need to save a million dollars in our operating budget,” Vice President for Finance Andy Evans said Thursday. “Anybody in the senior staff who manages budgets must look at their budgets to reduce 20 percent.” Senior staff members manage such divisions as the Conserv-atory, Arts & Sciences, Student Life, Admissions and Financial Aid, Development and Alumni Affairs.
President Nancy Dye and Vice President Evans have told divisional offices that they must shave 20 percent from their operating budgets, based on an analysis that revealed areas where discretionary spending could be cut. In addition, administrators have been freezing and eliminating positions over the past year. But this, Dye said, may not be enough.
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Ex-Dead Spreads Himself Thin at Finney
by Cat Richert

From age 13 to 15, my only real aspiration was to follow the Grateful Dead around for the rest of my life. I grew out of that phase many years ago, but I was still thrilled to hear that ex-Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart, would be rocking out in Finney Chapel this past Sunday. There, playing with his latest nine-piece ensemble, Bembe Orisha or “Party of the Saints,” Hart introduced his self-described “not Eastern” but “not Western” world music to Oberlin.
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NCAA Rule Costs Women’s Soccer Four Starters
by Teresa Collins

An NCAA rule established last year that conflicts with Oberlin’s add/drop period has proven problematic for some of this year’s fall teams, particularly the women’s soccer team. The Yeowomen were forced to play its Tuesday game against Marietta College without four of its starters. The Yeowomen lost the close game 3-2 to drop their record to 4-4.
Not wanting to repeat the mistakes that led to the forfeit of the 2001-02 men’s basketball season, Oberlin’s administration sent all academic records for all varsity athletes to the NCAA to verify eligibility. After initially confirming to Oberlin that all players were eligible, the NCAA later notified Oberlin, on Sept. 13, that several players, including four women’s soccer players, had been in violation last year of an NCAA rule.
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Oberlin Motto Values Individual

To the Editors:

I was horrified to read the interview with Nancy Dye in last week’s Review, where she unashamedly declared her disagreement with Oberlin College’s proud, achievement-oriented motto: Think one person can change the world? President Dye’s notion that “anything worth doing or anything that needs to be changed is best dealt with through collective action” completely disregards the most potent instrument of change that can ever exist: the individual.
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