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Faith, Then and Now
The article about religion on campus prompted me to write. Things were certainly different when I was at Oberlin. The overwhelming majority of students were practicing Christians. Sunday mornings Tank Hall emptied out as everyone went to church, and only three or four of us remained. As a secular Jew, I never experienced anti-Semitism on campus, but at times I felt very isolated. Once, while walking home from a first date, I was asked, ""what faith are you?"" I stammered, ""I'm not really anything."" That was the last I heard from him.No doubt, I would have been more comfortable in the Oberlin of today. I guess I was just born too soon.
Marianne Waelder von Hippel '55
Anchorage, AlaskaA


Tailor-Made Magazine
Thank you for a wonderful Summer issue. I saw much of my own college and post-college experience reflected in your articles on biology majors, religion on campus, and the Peace Corps. I was a biology major, undeclared religion minor, and joined Peace Corpsserving two years in The Gambia, West Africa (1995-1997) immediately following graduation. I am now pursuing the ""nontraditional"" career of public health. All three feature articles reminded me of how my time at Oberlin influenced many of my life choices and continues to have a positive affect on my life today.
Rebecca Brodsky '95
New York, New York


I read Peter Nicholson's article "Confessions of the Casually Impaired"" in the Summer issue. Thank you for putting so clearly into words something I've felt for a long time, that there are some people (me included) who may never achieve the ""just-put-on-whatever-was-around" look without looking fake or contrived. (For example, I finally gave up trying to wear a baseball cap--it never gave me the casual, laid-back look I see on nearly everyone else who wears one. Can my head be THAT differently shaped?)
John Finney '78
Director, University Chorale of Boston College and Boston College Symphony Orchestra



In general I love the new look of the magazine and the focus of the vividly illustrated articles and succinct features. However, the logo drives me wild! I don't mind big and bold or innovative fonts, but this design is just distracting. Although it starts out upright and full of rectitude, it lurches like a drunk at midpoint before resuming its onward march! Please do reconsider your long-range use of this logo, which seems purposeless in the extreme.
Mary Shaw Rigdon '58
Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

Editor's note: In developing a new logo, our designer selected an element--the italicized ""r""--to reflect the individuality and unique spirit of Oberlin. You will see a slight change with this issue; the logo now runs in a single color."


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