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OC Grant Entices Students to Library Field

ATTRACTING CULTURALLY DIVERSE undergraduate students to the field of librarianship is the goal of an Oberlin College program that received a $139,732 grant this summer from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Six Oberlin students will be recruited annually for one-year internships to begin the spring of their junior year and continue through the next fall. The paid, part-time training will include discussions and presentations related to librarianship, observation and hands-on experience with basic library operations, and field trips to other types of libraries. Beginning in the second year of the project, students will complete off-campus Winter Term projects with Oberlin alumni librarians. A full-time graduate intern will also be chosen annually to help coordinate the undergraduate program, as well as work to enhance library services for minority students.

Oberlin College Library Director Ray English says that as the demographics of the United States become more culturally and racially diverse, libraries will need to recruit increasingly diverse professional staffs. "This program can significantly increase the number of students from diverse backgrounds who pursue graduate work in the field," he says.


Norm Craig was a generous, cheerful teacher who knew ho to lure his students into a deep enthusiasm for the life of the mind.

As soon as Norm Craig '53 graduated from Harvard with a PhD in chemistry, he headed back to his alma mater to begin a distinguished teaching career that lasted for the next 43 years, until his recent retirement in May. He not only engaged his students in research and co-authoring publications, but brought acclaim to the College by winning the American Chemical Association's 1966 Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution.

Appointed to the Robert and Eleanor Biggs Professorship of Natural History in 1992, Craig was also awarded the Chemical Manufacturers Association Catalyst Award for extraordinary teaching. His research findings in vibrational spectroscopy of fluorocarbons have been supported by the National Science Foundation, the NIH, and the Petroleum Research Fund.

Norman Craig was a generous, cheerful teacher who knew how to lure his students into a deep enthusiasm for the life of the mind. Although he has certainly earned this break with academe, his unique teaching style will be missed by his colleagues and future generations of students alike.
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