Enough Tupperware
by Leslie Lawrence '72


Robert Hirshberg '40
Certificate of Appreciation

Aaron Leven '68
Completed Term, Executive Board Member

Donald and Phyllis Dodge Layton '50
Class Agents of the Year

Clyde Owan '79
Regional Coordinator of the Year

Candace Ellman '89
Admissions Recruiter Coordinator of the Year

Timothy Gerber '69
Completed Term, Executive Board Member

Philip Thomas '50
Class President of the Year

John Copeland '37
Distinguished Service Award

Margaret Glider Papworth '41
Certificate of Appreciation

Joseph Elder '51
Distinguished Achievement Award
Alums Return for Weekend of Work and Play
by Midge Brittingham '60

"IT'S THE WAY I ALWAYS REMEMBER IT," exclaimed one alum, when intermittent heavy downpours greeted the 200 Alumni Council members who returned for Oberlin's annual alumni weekend September 22-24.
Dining with students in Dascomb after a picnic lunch was rained out was another exercise in nostalgia for many alums. The "picnic" culminated an afternoon of Alumni Student Career Exchanges, which included career panels and practice interviews. The panels, which were moderated by faculty, featured advice and real-life experiences of alums working in the fields of communications, music/arts, finance, government, science, medicine, business/technology, nonprofits, education, and law.

Friday's opening night dinner was presided over by Diane Kenty '77, president of the Alumni Association. Acting College President Clayton Koppes greeted council members on behalf of President Nancy Dye, who is on sabbatical leave. He gave a positive picture of the College, which included excellent admissions years for both college and conservatory; an excellent investment return to raise the endowment as of June 30 to over $600 million; and mention of the new science center construction, the almost-completed second floor of the Conservatory library, and the almost-completed, just-dedicated Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies.

Kenty announced that Joseph Elder '51 was to receive the Distinguished Achievement Award during his two-day residency in November. Joseph Molder '53 was introduced as the newest alumni-elected trustee. Certificates of Appreciation and Volunteer of the Year awards were presented, and John Copeland '37 was recognized with the prestigious Distinguished Service Award. Judith Johnson Plows '67, vice chair of the Board of Trustees, welcomed members on behalf of the board. Following dinner, council member Carolyn Pratt '79 gave a splendid recital in Kulas Hall, accompanied by Daniel Michalak, Peter Slowik, and Andor Toth Jr. of the Conservatory faculty. Her program was entitled "Women's Words: The Poetry of Women Set to Music."

Do you know what an NMR is? Well, when Oberlin's new science complex is completed in 2002, it will have a 600-MHz nuclear magnetic resonance instrument that will keep our NMR studies competitive for the next two decades. Manesh Mehta of the chemistry department and two other young faculty members described with eager anticipation the new mode of "doing science"--not just teaching science--that the center will facilitate for science majors and non-majors alike. Class presidents and class agents who heard the presentation were inspired to consider re-enrolling at Oberlin!

Council members were treated to a walk-through and around the new Finney Chapel organ by Haskell Thomson '58, organ professor and chair of the keyboard division. Alumni look forward to next September's council meeting, to be held the same weekend as the dedication of the organ, when they will hear the organ's 3,951 pipes. Indian music in Finney Chapel and a benefit concert by Classical Action Oberlin, the first college group of this national organization, Performing Arts Against AIDS, were the choices of entertainment for Saturday evening.

Before the Council adjourned Sunday, the sports and fitness task force reported on the positive changes brought about by the administration of athletic director Mike Muska. The task force urges alumni to encourage, enhance, and support these changes. One concrete way would be to have a member of the executive board responsible for the area of sports and fitness and work to improve alumni attitudes toward those who participate in sports and the athletic program. Appreciation for the work of the group was expressed to chair Danette DiBiasio Wineberg '68. Now that its work is complete, the group has disbanded.

Alumni Council 2001 is scheduled for September 27-29, when the Finney Chapel Organ will be dedicated.

Midge Brittingham is executive director of the Alumni Association.