Enough Tupperware
by Leslie Lawrence '72


New Class Reflects New Times
THE CLASS OF 2004'S ARRIVAL ON CAMPUS THIS FALL ended an admissions cycle that has become cause for celebration among members of the Oberlin community. Here are just a few of the reasons we have to crow:
The College of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory of Music attracted the second largest applicant pools in their histories.
We are always selective, and this year we were exceptionally so. Arts and Sciences admitted 48 percent of its applicants, a drop of ten points from last year and 15 points lower than two years ago. Only 29 percent of the students who applied and auditioned for the Conservatory were admitted.
More students are accepting our offers of admission. Of the students admitted to Arts and Sciences, 33.5 percent enrolled, a yield figure that surpasses a number of our close competitors and more closely aligns Oberlin with the most selective colleges in the country. The Conservatory, too, boosted its yield to an impressive 47 percent.
A quarter of the first-year Arts and Sciences class were early decision (first choice) candidates (up from 16 to 19 percent in recent years).
The significant improvement in Arts and Sciences admissions and the world-class distinction of the Conservatory did not occur overnight. A favorable economy and increasing number of high-school graduates have provided a good foundation on which to build our recruitment efforts, but our success is the result of years of sustained efforts involving Oberlin staff, faculty, alumni, and students.

We have been paying close attention to how we communicate Oberlin's strengths through our publications, and we have carefully crafted our web site. We have committed ourselves to improving our financial-aid packages, including the selective use of talent-based merit scholarships.
And we have nurtured connections with counselors and teachers here and abroad.

Beyond enhanced communication strategies and new practices lies the most essential factor in linking students with the College: Oberlin people. By identifying future Obies and telling them about Oberlin, alumni, friends, faculty, and current students are invaluable to our recruitment efforts.

Look around you. Members of your family, your neighbor's children, or your colleague's nephew might be Oberlin material. Help us continue to spread the good news about Oberlin!

Debra Chermonte
Oberlin College Admissions and Financial Aid