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The Meaning of Peters Hall

The engaging history of Peters Hall, the building that has embraced every Obie since 1887; how it has changed while remaining the same.
By Geoffrey Blodgett '53

The Challenge Ahead

Stone Fountain Romance

Peters' Third Floor Houses the World

What I Remember Most about Peters Hall...

The Accidental Archaeologist

A casual visit to friends at an Italian dig yields unexpected treasure.

By Geoff Mulvihill '97

The Shelf that Jack Built

A childhood fascination with the Old West leads to a revered collection of books by Jack Schaefer '29.

By Sid Comings '69

The Dream Job that Became a Nightmare

Physicist Martin Harwit tells how he left a research and teaching career to join the Smithsonian, a move that culminated in the controversy over the Enola Gay exhibit -and Harwit's resignation.

By David Ehrenstein '88

30 Minutes to PLay; A Lifetime to Remember

A reporter captures the breathless moment when the Oberlin football team broke an intractable losing streak.

By Scott Patsko

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