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Being a Monk
Buddhist monk Thanissaro Bhikku, otherwise known as Geoffrey DeGraff '71, experienced his first meditation lesson during winter term in 1969. Here, in a candid conversation with Oberlin grad Rich Orloff, "Than Geoff" talks about his daily life as the abbot of the Metta Forest Monastery in southern California.
by Rich Orloff '73

Lucy Stone: Lost and Found
Charlie Wyman '75 is among a group of Massachusetts land preservationists dedicated to preserving the childhood home of influential women's rights advocate Lucy Stone, Class of 1847.
by Carol Cambo

Opening Eyes
By exposing the risks of hormones used in birth control pills and menopause treatments, Barbara Seaman '56 has become a muckraking journalist determined to help women take back control of their health.
by Trisha Gura

Justice for All
Oberlin was home to a lively three-day conference last semester in which dozens of legal-minded graduates convened to debate our nation's deepest social and legal dilemmas.
by Michael Doyle '78

::Web Extra::
Affirmative Action: What it Means for Oberlin
It's been nearly a year since the U.S. Supreme Court gave Oberlin and its collegiate kin a green light to consider race in the college admissions process. In two historic cases involving the University of Michigan last June, the Court reiterated the need for affirmative action. Diversity won, colleges celebrated, and a handful of Oberlin alumni were credited with helping to champion the cause.
by Michael Doyle '78