Alumni in Service to Oberlin College: Spring Semster 2005

David Gere ’79, associate professor of world arts and cultures at UCLA, took part in a winter-term symposium titled Creativity and Oppression.

Farheen Hakeem ’97, member services coordinator for Cole Townhomes and Chateau, Franklin, Marcy Park, and Marshall co-ops in Minneapolis, Minn., delivered a presentation to the Oberlin College Muslim Students Association.

Kenneth Weiss ’63, professor of biological anthropology and genetics at State College, Pa., delivered a lecture sponsored by the anthropology department.

Danielle Witherspoon ’01, a PhD candidate at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, spoke to students in the Hispanic studies department.

Peggy Orenstein ’83, a journalist, writer, and editor from Berkeley, Calif., delivered an informal talk titled “From ‘You Can Do Anything’ to ‘You Can’t Have It All’: Women’s Lives in a Half-changed World.”

Jeremiah Rosenthal ’02, a hip-hop and reggae DJ in the San Francisco Bay area, took part in the Hip Hop 101 Conference, discussing the role of Philipinos in DJ culture and the wider hip-hop community. 

David Becker ’69, professor of botany and associate professor of biology at Pomona College, delivered a lecture sponsored by the biology department. (Photo by Lacey Poore)

Rachel Kaplan ’58, Sharon Nelson-Le Gall ’72, Robert Goldstone ’86, Jennifer Harris ’77, Janet Hyde ’69, James Jones ’63, and Catherine Snow ’66 served as guest lecturers in a weekly psychology lecture series offered by Professor Norm Henderson.

Edward McKelvey ’68, vice president and senior economist at Goldman Sachs in New York, offered a lecture sponsored by the economics department.

Poet Michael Teig ’90, author of Big Back Yard, gave a poetry reading sponsored by the Creative Writing Program.

Journalist Christopher Cook ’90, author of Diet for a Dead Planet, delivered a public talk titled “Fixing Food: Recipes for Disaster and Change.”

–Laura Gobbi ’91, Executive Director, Alumni Association

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