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Knowing Iran

“da Coach”
Retiring swim coach Dick Michaels approached his 36-year tenure at Oberlin with empathy, irreverence, and most of all, a lively interest in every student who competed for him.

Courage of Her Convictions
[ Cover Story ]
As executive director of B'Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, Jessica Montell ’90 is determined to spark debate and educate the public about the hardships she sees imposed on Palestinians.

Radio Active
Radio Lab, the burgeoning public radio program that explores the unexpected collisions between science and culture, is a true Oberlin endeavor. Created and hosted by Robert Krulwich ’69 and Jad Abumrad ’95, each episode deploys a seductive blend of content, sound, and even disagreement reminiscent of late-night discussions among college roommates. WebXtra: Who's Working in Public Radio


Commencement/Reunion 2006
A slideshow of photos from this year's commencement / reunion weekend.