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Frances Walker-Slocum ’45 chats with familiar faces while signing her new autobiography, A Miraculous Journey. An accomplished concert pianist and emerita professor of pianoforte at the Conservatory, Frances chronicles in her book a challenging, yet well-lived life: surviving a fire in early childhood; growing up in a community that favored light-skinned Negroes; living with her gifted (and future Pulitzer Prize winning) brother, George Walker ’41; and living in an interracial marriage with her husband, the late Henry Chester Slocum ’48. Frances, who lives in Oberlin, was featured at a local book signing event in April.

Regional Roundup

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New Mexico–Josh Gonze ’84 and his wife, Leticia, were hosts of an Oberlin Club of New Mexico kick-off dinner in April, which attracted more than 75 guests to the Gonze’s beautiful Santa Fe home. Josh accepted the role of co-coordinator of the Oberlin Club of New Mexico, along with Albuquerque resident Doris Eng ’77.

New York–Obies took part in “Hands On New York Day” in April, designed to clean up and beautify the city’s parks and community gardens. Team Oberlin 2006 included Neal Schindler ’01, Pollyanna Berroa ’04, Corinne Kevorkian ’79, Sam Servello ’87, Jennifer Sargent ’98, Savannah Grier, Alyssa Robb ’05, Lauren Haynes ’04, Joo Kim ’04, Jessica Sheridan ’98, Amanda Wardlaw ’04, and Yolanda Olsen ’04.

Seattle–More than 25 people gathered for a Sunday afternoon of bowling organized by regional co-coordinator Jill Seidenstein ’93. “For several people, this was their first alumni event!” said co-coordinator Michael Schwartz ’84.

Tucson–Hester Oberman ’82 and her family hosted a kick-off dinner for more than 35 Obies as part of the re-launch of the Oberlin Club of Arizona.

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