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To better serve our patrons on campus, the Oberlin College Archives asks you fill out the form below when making initial contact with us. The research assistance form, which helps to standardize our incoming email, contains a number of fields—i.e., first and last names, email and campus addresses, and research topic. In addition, we would appreciate any additional information you could provide in the optional fields. This will inform us of your class assignment, the nature of your research project, and sometimes your organizational affiliation.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
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First Name* / M.I.:
Last Name*:
OCMR or Campus Address*:
Campus Telephone:  -   - 
Course Instructor:
Course Title:
Paper Length

Due Date:  20


What is the topic of your paper / research (please provide an abstract or paragraph outlining your proposal)?*

What resources have you already used (e.g. secondary sources, College Archives website holdings or published resources)?
What are the requirements of this assignment? Are there certain kinds of materials your instructor has asked you to use? Any additional information you can provide will be helpful.
We would like to conduct an entrance interview with you. Please list several times during the next week when you are available to meet (appointments are generally not available evenings or weekends).
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