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Photograph Reproduction
Price List

Digital Image Files

72-300 dpi JPEG   $ 15.00
600 dpi JPEG   $ 25.00
Camera set-up charge   $ 20.00 minimum
CD   $   5.00
Postage For CD (U.S.) Within the U.S. $   5.00
  Outside the U.S. Variable


Hard Copy

 Prices vary depending on vendor prices. 

Note Regarding Negatives and Postage and Handling Information

In situations where OCA must create a negative in order to provide a print, the customer will also be charged for the development of the negative. All negatives produced are retained by OCA. The use of a personal camera in the Reading Room is prohibited, unless the Archivist grants special permission.

Based upon UPS fees between OCA and its vendor, photographic orders are subject to shipping and handling charges: $10.00 for orders under $20.00; for orders above $20.00 a sliding scale is used. Make check or money orders payable to "Oberlin College Archives." These prices are subject to change by our vendors. Also some orders can be more costly to process, and thus charges may supersede the above scale.

Application for Photographic Publication or Placement on Website

Users requesting to publish, exhibit, or place on a website copy photographs from the collections of the Oberlin College Archives must send a letter of request and complete TWO SIGNED COPIES of the appropriate application below, which includes the conditions of use. A reproduction in the desired format must first be requested and purchased; see Photograph Reproduction Price List. The use of Oberlin College Archives materials in any type of publication must be negotiated with the College Archivist. The fees listed below are general guidelines for the use of an image as an illustration in the interior of a book or periodical, or on a website. Actual fees will be calculated in each case, based upon the specific uses requested, and will depend upon such factors as the size of the printrun, editions, languages, etc.

Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe PDF IconPrint publication permission form (6 kB)
Web permission form

Use Fees

Publishing Houses

$ 100.00 for the first photograph
$ 25.00 for each additional photograph
Reference Books
$ 60.00 for each photograph
Scholarly Monographs
$ 40.00 for the first photograph
$ 15.00 for each additional photograph
University Presses
$ 18.00 for each photograph

Other Commercial Users

$ 125.00 for the first photograph
$ 20.00 for each additional photograph

Worldwide Rights

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