Directions for Use

The data are in a MySQL database but I don't have a way to make that available. Please email me if you need data and I can either send the entire database or just the data you need, depending on what you want.

Making Queries

Below are a few sample queries from the database. For complete database structure you'll need to look at the data structure page.

Query to determine the station names, station numbers, years of data, and locations:

select front_of_books.station_number, front_of_books.year, front_of_books.longitude,, stations.station_name, rivers.river_name from front_of_books, stations, riverswhere front_of_books.station_number = stations.station_numberand stations.river_id = rivers.river_idand (front_of_books.system = 1 or front_of_books.system = 2)and front_of_books.station_type = 1 and front_of_books.flow = 1 and front_of_books.sed = 1 order by front_of_books.station_number, front_of_books.year;

Query to select all discharge and sediment data (not null data) for basin number 4:

select data_table.station_number, data_table.year, data_table.month, data_table.discharge, data_table.sed from data_table, stations where (data_table.station_number = stations.station_number) and data_table.sed is not null and data_table.discharge is not null and stations.basin_id = 4 order by station_number;

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