Geomorphology Lab

The geomorphology lab includes two spaces: the main lab on the 4th floor of Carnegie and a ground level detector lab. The detector lab includes three gamma counters (germanium detectors). They are named Cienfuegos, Harbin, and Soufriere. Harbin and Ciefuegos are broad energy and extended range, respectively, and measure 210Pb as well as other gamma emitters. Soufriere does not measure low energies, so they cannot measured 210Pb. The detectors each measure six samples a week. Collecting data with the instruments requires no wet chemistry, only sieving and drying samples. Most of the sample prep and analysis done in the lab is completed by undergraduate research assistants.

In addition to the gamma counter, the geomorphology lab has two GIS-enabled computers equipped with software for remote sensing and GIS analysis.

4th floor lab
Looking to the north in the main geomorphology lab

The photo above shows the main geomorphology lab on the 4th floor of Carnegie.

Detector Lab
The detector lab on the 1st floor of Carnegie

The photo above shows the detector lab on the 1st floor of Carnegie. The detectors line the wall on the right of the photo.

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