GEOL212 Earth Surface Processes

An examination of the evolution of Earth’s surface focusing on the processes that shape the landscape we see today. We will discuss the processes that shaped and continue to shape the landscapes around us, with a focus on fluvial processes. Through inquiry-based activities, students will learn to ask questions related to surface processes, collect data, and analyze the data they collect. Classes and field trips emphasize integration of descriptive, quantitative, and interpretive aspects of geomorphology.

Semester offered: Spring; Pre-requisite classes: GEOL120

GEOL235 Applied GIS

Geographic information systems (GIS) are used widely in the sciences, business, and other disciplines to examine data that have spatial distribution. This course will introduce students to the methods for collecting spatial data and analyzing those data using GIS, mainly through hands-on use of the industry standard ESRI ArcGIS software. Through lecture and laboratory, students will learn to collect, manage, visualize, and analyze geographic data. Students will complete a community-based GIS based research project.

Semester offered: Fall ; Pre-requisits classes: GEOL120

GEOL152 Soils and Society

Soils are the basis for the formation of our societies – we need soil to grow crops and to have land for our animals to graze. However, our activities greatly alter the soils that we rely on, reducing our ability to productively use the land we live on. Through the use of case-studies from regions around the world, students will learn the basics of soil science, hillslope geomorphology, and anthropogenic effects on these systems.

Semester offered: Fall; No pre-requisites.

Other GIS opportunities

The geology department GIS intern offers a GIS class each January designed for students who have not taken GEOL120. In addition in Spring 2014 Arianna Goodman will be offering an ExCo class on figure design.

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