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Ohio Civil War 150

Oberlin Heritage Center Blog (see posts on Oberlin and the Civil War by Karyn Norwood) 

The Oberlin Evangelist, 1838-1862(Oberlin College Library)

John Brown digital exhibit (Oberlin College Archives)

Oberlin-Wellington Rescue (Oberlin College Archives)

Oberlin History Bibliography (Oberlin College Archives)

Manuscript Collections at the Oberlin College Archives

The Oberlin College Archives holds significant manuscript collections pertinent to the Civil War. Selected letters from Civil War officers Giles Waldo Shurtleff and Elliott F. Grabill, in addition to those in this digital collection, are available from a 2005 digitization project using the tab above. To see the finding guides to their papers, and other collections with coverage of the Civil War period, use the links below. College records are also important sources, particularly the papers of Oberlin’s second president, Charles Grandison Finney (RG 2/2). Student, faculty and staff files can be found in the Alumni & Development Records (RG 28).Certain Oberlin community records, particularly church records, are available in Oberlin Community Records (RG 31).

William E. Bigglestone Papers (RG 30/151)

William C. Cochran Family Papers (RG 30/8)

Henry Cowles Papers (RG 30/27)

Jacob Dolson Cox Papers (RG 30/3)

Florence Mary Fitch Papers (RG 30/37)

Robert S. Fletcher Papers (RG 30/24)

Elliott F. Grabill Papers (RG 30/43)

Rufus Cleveland Hovey Papers (RG 30/302)

James Monroe Papers (RG 30/22)

Giles Waldo and Mary E. Burton Shurtleff Papers (RG 30/32)

The Oberlin File (RG 21)