The Oberlin Aikikai hosts three annual seminars, conducted by some of the highest ranked instructors in Aikido. There is a seminar every fall and winter, and Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan teaches his annual May seminar in the spring. Club members and Exco students should follow this page for up-to-date announcements and schedules.

Our next seminar will be our Spring seminar with Hiroshi Ikeda-sensei.

April 29th - May 1st, 2016

Seminar Times

  Friday, April 29th: 7-9 p.m.  
  Saturday, April 30th: 10-12 p.m. and 3-5 p.m.
  Sunday, May 1st: 10-1 p.m.  

Past seminars:

John Messores-sensei, January 2016 Tres Hofmeister-sensei, October 2015 Ellis Amdur-sensei, January 2015 Raso Hultgren-sensei, October 2014 Wendy Whited-sensei, January 2014 Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan, May 2013, Wendy Whited-sensei, January 2013, William Gleason-sensei, October 2012, Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan, May 2012, Kayla Feder-sensei, January 2012, William Gleason-sensei, September 2011, Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan, May 2011, Kayla Feder-sensei, January 2011, William Gleason-sensei, September 2010, Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan, May 2009, Frank Ostoff-sensei, March 2009, Kayla Feder-sensei, January 2009, William Gleason-sensei, October 2008, Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan, May 2008, George Ledyard-sensei, March 2008, Ellis Amdur-sensei, January 2008, Kevin Choate-sensei, November 2007, Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan, May 2007, Mary Heiny-sensei, January 2007, Jimmy Sorrentino-sensei, November 2006, Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan, May 2006, Mary Heiny-sensei, January 2006, George Ledyard-sensei, November 2005, Hiroshi Ikeda-shihan, May 2005, Mary Heiny-sensei, January 2004, William Gleason-sensei, November 2003.