Oberlin College Marching Band

About the Band

The Oberlin College Marching Band is one of the most unique organizations on the Oberlin campus. We are considered a student organization, an Experimental College (Exco) class, and a club sport. We play at various events throughout the school year, such as varsity and club sports games, Oberlin's Big Parade, and the Relay for Life. Over the years, we have been invited to play at other events including pep rallies and an Organ Pump.

The OCMB is completely student run. We pick our own show themes and music, write our own drill, and elect all officers. Any band member is encouraged to run for office, arrange or write music, or share any of their special skills. We have a faculty sponsor, but no non-student is directly involved with the day-to-day operations of the OCMB.

The OCMB is highly committed to hearing the voices of all its members. We hold weekly band council meetings at which important band-related decisions are made. All members are welcome to participate in the decision-making.