Oberlin College Marching Band

History of the Band

During the fall of 1997, Alison Gent had a dream. A dream filled with a band, but not just any band, a marching band filled with the suavest individuals Oberlin had to offer. She searched for others with a similar vision and found she was not alone. She and these other, dare we call them dreamers, initiated the most ambitions undertakings - a group Winter Term project. And thus, the Oberlin College Marching Band (OCMB) was formed.

Since that fateful winter term, the OCMB has performed numerous shows with various and sundry themes: John Williams, Swing, Austin Powers, The Full Monty, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, John Phillip Sousa, Classic Horror, Spy vs. Spy, Disney, Incantations, Saturday Morning Cartoons, The Music of Frank Zappa, Science Fiction, The Beatles, and Journey.

Our first performance was held in Finney Chapel. Since then we have performed at Football games and other athletic events. In addition, the OCMB has participated in several community events, including Earth Day, an Organ Pump, the Holiday Parade, the Eastwood Carnival, the Big Parade, and an AIDS walk. In the spring of 2007, several current and former members joined together to form a Relay for Life team in honor of a former member of the band who survived childhood cancer.