The Big Parade project began in 2002 as a collabortive arts event created by Oberlin alum and artist Zach Moser:

The Big Parade was an experiment in the power of our human need to express ourselves as well as in the effectiveness of decentralized organizing theory. The premise was to facilitate a parade that allowed an open forum for individuals and organizations to represent themselves in anyway that they saw fit.

Since 2002, The Big Parade has become a cherished tradtion in the Oberlin community. Each year the number of particpants and general attendence continues to grow. We hope to see you there!

The Big Parade in the News

Oberlin College Press Release (April 22, 2003)

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Splefty (2003)
Oberlin Galleries (2007)
Back Roads and Beaches Ohio (2008)

Interested in supporting the Big Parade?

Each year we embark on a tremendous fundraising effort to keep the tradition alive. Past financial contributors have included: Oberlin College, the Oberlin Rotary Club and the Oberlin Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in making a contribution to this or next year's parade please email us. All contributions are tax-deductible (501c3).

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has contributed:

OSCA The Cat & the Cream Oberlin College Swim Team
Oberlin College Marching Band The Aikido Club Oberlin Steel Drum Band
Oberlin Bike-Co-op Drag Ball OCIRCUS
WOBC Radio Station Students for Students America Reads
SITES Oberlin Cross Country Team Girls in Motion
Oberlin's Mentor Program Exploration of Puppetry The Ultimate Frisbee Team
The Pottery Co-op Oberlin Jazz Ensemble Oberlin Chamber of Commerce
FAVA LCA (Lorain Country Acaademy) OHS Arts Club
OHS Marching Band Oberlin Bookstore ODI (Oberlin Design Initiative)
Oberlin Early Childhood Center Langston Middle Scool Art Club Boys and Girls Club
Kendal at Oberlin Oberlin Rhythms of Resistance Community Quilt Project
OMEN Zion Baptist Church The Rotary Club Oberlin Habitat for Humanity
Oberlin Community Services OASIS Dog Shelter Oberlin Heritage Center
O.H.I.O. Oberlin Sustainable Ag. Project Guyer's/Missler's Bakery Dept.