Past Events

12/15/02: We had a potluck dinner and watched the movie Priest.

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3/01: Guest Speaker Daniel A. Helminiak
11/11/02: Guest Speaker: Faisal Alam


03/07/03: Queer Shabbat: We teamed up with Hillel and LGBTJew to host a Shabbat specifically themed for the Queer Community. It was followed by a dinner and an Oneg (which means "gathering space") at Johnson House dorm where we had a lively discussion sexuality and spirituality.

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03/18/03: Purim with Chevrei Tikva: QuAF reestablished its ties with the queer Jewish Congregation in Cleveland Heights called Chevrei Tikva (access their webpage through our links). We celebrated with them the jovial holiday of Purim which recalls the time in scripture when the Jews trounced their enemy and avoided persecution.

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3/19/03: Cleveland State University (CSU) GLBT Student Services Religion/Faith Panel:
QuAF was invited via our LGBT Community Coordinator for the Multicultural Resource Center, Peter Meredith, to attend CSU’s event on religion/spirituality and queerness. Though we got lost several times on the way there and arrived at basically the end of the presentation, QuAF did some valuable networking with the panelists and Tony Saar, who works as a graduate assistant for CSU’s GLBT Student Services.

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4/03/03: Guest Speaker Nicole Pitts. "Finding God's Candy: Discovering the Secrets Under the Skirt of Religion"

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4/19/03: Guest Speaker Jayce Cox. "The Queer Spirit: How I Survived the Ex-Gay Movement"

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08/14/03 - 08/17/03 WOW 2003 Conference

Rick attended the second WOW (Witnessing Our Welcome) conference, an ecumenical gathering of LGBT-affirming Christians, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA where he attended three workshops (LGBTQ Issues in the Roman Catholic Church and Faith-based Activism for All People of Faith, Interracial/Intercultural Issues in the GLTBTQ Community, and Acting Locally – Organizing Pro-GLBTQ People Across Faith Traditions) and a breakfast dialogue with Rev. Irene Monroe, hung out with lots of other youth and young adult from around the country, fundraised in order to buy 3 new books for the QuAF library, networked with the owner of Chi Rho Press (Adam Debaugh) in order to get even more books for the QuAF library, and talked to Corey Hidlebaugh who is in SoulForce in Lynchburg, VA (where Rev. Jerry Fallwell lives) about coming to Oberlin.

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