The membership of RPC is open to all Oberlin College students and Oberlin Community members. A majority of members must be Oberlin College students. RPC will not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, age, occupation, disability, economic status or any other personal characteristic.


The officers of RPC will be elected on the basis of consensus voting and the acceptance of a nomination. Eligibility for candidacy will be limited to enrolled Oberlin students. Elections will be held at the beginning of every semester or as needed. If any member feels that any officer is not functioning in the best interests of the group, he or she may request that the officer in question be evaluated and possibly removed from his or her position. This request can be made anonymously or otherwise. Other responsibilities, such as coordinating events and publicity, will be assigned on a volunteer basis.

The following are descriptions of desired officer positions, followed by their primary responsibilities:

Chair/Liaison- Charged with keeping the Mission of RPC in mind and keeping all actions of the group directed towards fulfilling that Mission. Acts as the meta-coordinator  for the group, meaning that this person works with the Treasurer, as well as the membership, to oversee the coordination of all RPC operations and communications. Serves as a filter for all inquiries about RPC, from the membership as well as the greater community.

Treasurer- Coordinates the reservation of office space and Student Union paperwork Acts as a liaison to the College Treasurer Prepares and submits the RPC budget at the beginning of every semester. Coordinates purchase orders for recycled office supplies and keeps track of invoices. Takes receipts from members and ensures they are paid back. Monitors the status of the RPC budget and makes sure expenditures do not exceed available funds. Acts as a liaison to the Student Finance Committee.


RPC will be primarily funded through the Student Finance Committee. Supplemental funds will be requested, if necessary, from academic departments, the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association, dorm councils, and/or other sources. Should RPC ever cease to exist or if it disbands, any physical and/or disposable property it has amassed will be redistributed by the Dean of Students or a designee. Funds remaining will revert to the Student Finance Committee. Because RPC is designed to be involved in commercial operations, the Treasurer of the organization will also have the added responsibility of meeting with appropriate College administrators as needed to determine the effects of RPC activities on the tax-exempt status of the College.

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